Textile innovations

At Ethically warm we believe that you do not have to compromise between the animals, the earth and ethics. This is why we have made it our mission to democratize the access to truly sustainable, local and vegan products. We are launching our first collection that features sustainable, vegan and 80% biodegradable outerwear. By prioritizing natural fibers and new textile technologies, our goal, is that these jackets, can go back to the earth, once the have reached end of life, instead of going into a landfill.The reality is that more than 60% of our clothing is made from plastic derivatives such as nylon, polyester, spandex etc. Plus , according to recyc-quebec, 24kg of clothing are thrown on average by each quebecer,yearly. 

For the pieces that are not biodegradable yet, we have nylon made from plastic recycled from the ocean, used in the creation of the interior lining. This material was chosen for the lining in order to prevent odours and to facilitate care of the products. Finally, we have our zippers, made in Montreal, which we also plan on working to develop a biodegradable option on our end.