About us

Words from our founder 

“I founded Ethically Warm because I felt powerless in regards to climate change. Considering the scientific evidence that we have less than 11 years to reverse the climate catastrophe. I felt powerless. How can a 23-year-old do something about it?” I am not a government, nor a big corporation, I thought. “I firmly disagree with the narrative held by many, that it will harm the economy if we are environmentally and socially responsible. In fact, I now believe that we cannot wait for corporations and governments to be actors of change, we must take it upon ourselves. It has become our duty towards future generations. I hope that by democratizing the access to sustainable products, I can empower people to become, them too, actors of change. Together we can create a truly sustainable, plastic free and kinder future. I have surrounded myself with a talented line up of people. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in sustainability, fashion design and business. I also am supported by experts in textile prototyping and in manufacturing.” 

-Alexandra Gavrila


It is essential for our production to be ethical also for the humans involved in the process. This is why our entire collection is designed and produced in Montréal in collaboration with the first and only seamstress cooperative. It also allows us to ensure the highest product quality and the lowest environmental impact. We work with the most sustainable and ethical suppliers possible. They share the same values as us. This is why even internally they invest in R&D in order to enhance their products and increase their sustainability by testing out plant based dyes for example.